Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Dilemma Of A Creative Writer

When creativity was repressed, her world was slowly being eroded.

She has to accept the fact that those things which she was instructed to do were never meant for her.
She was not born to do such things.
They were never her talents.

She'll never forget the fact that Ms L told her she couldn't do it. Perhaps she has lost her flow of it due to the pain she was trying to forget or perhaps it was just Ms L being a terrible person as she is. She began to question her abilities.


She is glad that she still hasn't lost it. How could she? It is her only way to describe her emotions and feelings. It is like an ecstasy for her; a quick escape from the real world. WRITING has always been her passion. She sighed a relief and published her latest blog. She smiled and thanked God for everything. 


 Anyhow, something better is approaching. She can sense it. It might not be big but it is something new for her to look forward to. A new life. A new start. 


God gave her Faith. God gave her Hope. God gave her Courage. 
Her enthusiasm in achieving what she wants helped her way through the twists of life.

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