Thursday, 9 June 2016

Life of a worker...

Initiative. One word.

I felt disgusted whenever I heard people saying that a person needs to be INITIATIVE. The last time I tried to be initiative, my boss actually rolled her eyes. She can deny it but seriously, I saw her rolling her eyes and I was like why is it so difficult for bosses to appreciate and be pleased with their employees' job? I have to admit that no one is perfect and we do commit mistakes at some point of time but you do not yell at your employees for a small mistake like the format of a table on a Powerpoint Document. 

As much as we did our best, we still failed to reach to her expectations. She kept saying her employees are not INITIATIVE enough and complained that she had to run most of the things by her own. What does she expect? She runs three businesses (at least those are the ones that I have known of) and then she started to complain about not being able to spend time with her family and her employees not being initiative and supportive enough. Doesn't she realise that most businesses are not doing well this past few years due to the economic downturn?

Let's take her restaurant as an example. She instructed us to help out in terms of marketing and so we did. We designed posters. We thought of ways to help the restaurant to gain more customers and in return what did we get? Well, we got more complaints from her saying that we did not do good enough and that no one reminded her to do stuff for the restaurant like decos for the upcoming Ramadan and Hari Raya celebration.

For me, if she was serious about the whole thing, she would not need others to remind her to do things. We're not her sticky notes. It's not that we do not have other work to do (which she insisted us to complete in a day time or else she would start to nag saying that we took a lot of time doing it).

"It takes me less than 2 hours to complete an article," she said. I am not sure if she was aware that we are required to do an online research by checking all the news archives before starting to write our article. She managed to complete hers in less than two hours, thanks to the info we fed her which to me is unfair at all.

Oh and did i mention to you about her temper? She would yell at her husband on the phone, in front of her employees and even to her 70-year-old driver for a small mistake. She did not offer him any benefits like SOCSO or EPF at all which I think is not good. What if anything happened to that poor old man? 

Sigh* Anyway, I'm glad that I no longer work there and I'm glad to have left the company, although I must admit that I did learn a couple of things throughout my time working there like "Some bosses can be a real pain in the ass"!

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